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1956 - 1992

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Hello, I'm Ted Lehman, and welcome to the Legacy 4 U Covers Compilation page! 

Diane Lehman was the mother of my 2 boys. She was my college sweetheart. She passed away from Breast Cancer in 1992 after fighting it for 5 years. She was 36. She missed out on more than half her life.

We met because of my music, she used to come to gigs. She was always willing to sacrifice so that my music dreams might some day come true. She'd come to my gigs and sleep at a front row table sometimes with the other band girlfriends, but she never missed a show, never gave me a hard time about being away in the studio all the time. She typed up my lyric sheets and helped me solicit agents, publishers and record companies.

She was a wonderful mother and a great friend.

The most important promise I made to her (besides taking good care of the boys) was that we'd never forget her. After these many years sometimes that's not easy, but these compilation CDs are just such a terrific way to honor her memory and do some good for others who are fighting Cancer right now.

This is a very talented and diverse group of international musicians, who have helped me make my dream come true. They have allowed me to hear others interpretations of my music. You have impressed me greatly and I thank you for your time effort and creativity.Please, listen, and marvel at the skill and artistry of these fine players!

Ted Lehman

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